Just some thoughts...June, 2023

Why do we still call our response to God's promise "religion?" By now, the word "religion" has come to mean "doctrine" more than faith experience.

Maybe if we described the faith journey as a Path of Human Happiness and Value young people would be more inclined to take a look.

"Tao", roughly translates to one of the early descriptions/translations of the Christian sect of Judaism as The Way.

Solomon is the exemplar of wisdom. So let's look to Solomon for wisdom on what's going on with Christianity. Solomon presided over the greatest period in Judaic history. Inheriting the promises made to his father David, young Solomon hit the King of Israel job in full stride. He exercised wisdom ruthlessly putting an end to three enemies and pardoning a fourth. (Adonijah, his elder brother - and slick pretender to the throne; Joab, enemy of David and the bloody-handed muderer of two better commanders of the army than he; Shimei, who cursed David was warned to stay in his house or be killed - he did not, and was; and spared Abiathar the priest who conspired against Solomon but whose service to David was honored by Solomon. Equally wise was Solomon's alliance by marriage to the daughter of the king of Egypt.)

Solomon asked God for wisdom and discernment to be a good king, and God granted his request and gave Solomon "a heart so wise and so understanding that there has been none like you before your time nor will be after you." So let's look to Solomon for wisdom on what's going on with Christianity in the Western world the past fifty years.

The bible is more than history. Scripture is full of examples meant to teach us by reference.